A. P. Dobson

A. P. Dobson

A. P. Dobson

Biographical Details

  • First name: A. P.
  • Last name: Dobson
  • Name:  1957-
  • Creations: article, Computer file, Language material, text, txt
  • Roles: Author, Contributor, Editor, Writer Of Accompanying Material
  • Other details: Alan Paul
  • Permalink: http://biography.lawi.org.uk/a-p-dobson-alan-paul/ (Stable identifier)

Other names of A. P. Dobson

  • Andrew Dobson
  • Andrew Dobson (britischer Hochschullehrer für Umweltpolitik)
  • Andrew Dobson (British writer)
  • Andrew Dobson (Brits politicoloog)
  • Dobson, A.
  • Dobson, A. N. H.
  • Dobson, A. P.
  • Dobson, Andrew
  • Dobson, Andrew N H
  • Dobson, Andrew Nicholas Howard
  • Dobson, Andrew P.
  • Dobson, Andy
  • ドブソン, A
  • ドブソン, アンドリュー

People related with A. P. Dobson

  • Barker, Kezia
  • Barry, John (1966-…)
  • Bell, Derek (1968-…)
  • ebrary, Inc
  • Eckersley, Robyn (1958-)
  • Grenfell, B. T.
  • Isaac Newton institute for mathematical sciences Cambridge, GB
  • Keele University
  • Landweber, Laura Faye
  • Lucardie, Paul
  • Stephens, Piers H. G. (1963-…)
  • Sýkora, C.M.P.
  • Sýkora, Conny
  • Taylor, Sarah L.
  • University of Oxford
  • Valencia Sáiz, Angel
  • Wissenburg, M. L. J.
  • 金, 克美 (1959-)

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Publications by A. P. Dobson

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