George Clark

George Clark

George Clark, 1817-1871

Biographical Details

Other names of George Clark

  • Clark, George
  • Clark, George (Esq)

People related with George Clark

  • Great Britain
  • Schwerdt, C. F. G. R. (1862-1939)
  • Schwerdt, Charles Francis George Richard (1862-1939)

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Publications by George Clark

  • Memoranda legalia: or an alphabetical digest of the laws of England: adapted to the use of the lawyer, the merchant, and the trader. By George Clark, Attorney-at-Law.
  • The penal statutes abridged: and alphabetically arranged. Calculated to serve the desirable End of AN Alphabetical Common Place Book Of The Penal Laws. Exhibiting, At One View, The Nature of the Offence ; the Penalty annexed to it, for the first, second, and third Offence ; the Number of Witnesses and Magistrates necessary to conviction ; the Application of the Penalty ; the Manner of prosecuting and recovering the Penalty. To Which IS Prefixed, A Collection of Maxims and Rules for the proper Exposition of Statutes ; the Whole being essentially necessary for the due Administration of public Justice. Dedicated To The Magistrates Of Great-Britain. By George Clark, Esq
  • The penal statutes abridged, and alphabetically arranged: calculated to serve the desirable end of an alphabetical common place book of the penal laws ..

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