Henry Goudy

Henry Goudy

Henry Goudy, 1848-1921

Biographical Details

Other names of Henry Goudy

  • Goudy, H.
  • Goudy, Henry
  • Goudy, Henry (Dr)
  • Henry Goudy
  • Henry Goudy ((1848-1921) Irisch-schottischer Jurist und Hochschullehrer)
  • Henry Goudy ((1848-1921) Irish-born, Scottish lawyer and Regius Professor of Civl Law in Oxford)

People related with Henry Goudy

  • Cullen, William J.
  • Cullen, William James
  • Fyfe, Thomas Alexander (1853-1928)
  • Grant, Alexander (1866-)
  • Jhering, Rudolf von (1818-1892)
  • Kaeckenbeeck, Georges (1892-)
  • Muirhead, James (1831-1889)
  • Scientia Verlag (Aalen)

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