James Paterson

James Paterson

James Paterson, 1823-1894

Biographical Details

Other names of James Paterson

  • James, Croake
  • James, Croake (Pseudonym)
  • Paterson, J.
  • Paterson, James

Publisher related with James Paterson, 1823-1894

People related with James Paterson

  • Great Britain
  • Great Britain, Laws, statutes, etc. (Collections)
  • Hill, Gerard Robert [from old catalog]
  • James, Croake (see also from)
  • Martin, John Newman
  • McBarnet, Alexander Cockburn (1867-1934)
  • Mehigan, Simon
  • Oke, George Colwell (1821-1874)
  • Phillips, Jeremy J
  • Saunders, John (avocat)
  • Smith, F. Morton
  • Willis Bund, J. W. (1843-1928)
  • Willis Bund, John William (1843-1928)

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