John Lilburne

John Lilburne

John Lilburne, 1614?-1657

Biographical Details

  • First name: John
  • Last name: Lilburne
  • Birth date: 1614?
  • Death date: 1657
  • Creations: Computer file, Language material, Text
  • Roles: Author, Contributor
  • Permalink: (Stable identifier)

Other names of John Lilburne

  • Hurbin, Lionel
  • J. L, John Lilburne
  • John Lilburne (britisk politikar)
  • John Lilburne (britisk politiker)
  • John Lilburne (brittisk politiker)
  • John Lilburne (English political activist)
  • John Lilburne (Wortführer der radikaldemokratischen „Levellers“)
  • Lil’bern, Džon
  • Lilbourne (Captaine)
  • Lilbourne, John
  • Lilbourne (Lieut. Col)
  • Lilburn, Ian
  • Lilburn, Iohn
  • Lilburn, John
  • Lilburne, John
  • Lover of his country and sufferer for the common liberty
  • Lylborne, John
  • Lylbourne, John
  • Джон Лільберн
  • Лилбёрн, Джон
  • จอห์น ลิลเบิร์น

People related with John Lilburne

  • Canne, John (Amsterdam)
  • England and Wales. Court of Oyer and Terminer and Gaol Delivery (London and Middlesex)
  • Johnson, Thomas
  • L.I. Amsterdam, 1652
  • Overton, Richard (1599?-1664)
  • Overton, Richard (fl. 1646)
  • Prince, Thomas
  • S.n. (S.l.)
  • Semenov, Viktor Fedorovič
  • Sykes, William
  • Walker, Clement (1595-1651)
  • Walwyn, William

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Publications by John Lilburne

  • More light to Mr. John Lilburnes jury
  • The peoples prerogative and priviledges, asserted and vindicated, (against all tyranny whatsoever.) By law and reason.: Being a collection of the marrow and soule of Magna Charta, and of all the most principall statutes made ever since to this present yeare, 1647. For the preservation of the peoples liberties and properties. With cleare proofs and demonstrations, that now their lawes and liberties are nigher subvertion, then they were when they first began to fight for them, by a present swaying powerfull faction, amongst the Lords, Commons, and Army … so that perfect vassalage and slavery (by force of armes) in the nature of Turkish janisaries, or the regiments of the guards of France, is likely (to perpetuitie) to be setled, if the people doe not speedily look about them, and act vigorusly for the preventing of it.

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