Learned Hand

Learned Hand

Learned Hand, 1872-1961

Biographical Details

Other names of Learned Hand

  • Hand, Billings Learned
  • Hand, Learned
  • Learned Hand (American legal scholar, Court of Appeals judge)
  • Learned Hand (US-amerikanischer Richter und Rechtsgelehrter)
  • Лърнид Хенд
  • Хэнд, Лёрнед
  • לרנד הנד
  • 러니드 핸드
  • ハンド, ラーニッド
  • 勒恩德·汉德

People related with Learned Hand

  • Dilliard, Irving
  • Harvard University Press
  • Jordan, Constance
  • Maguire, John MacArthur (1888-)
  • Morgan, Minta
  • Nye, Pearl R. (1872-1950)
  • President and Fellows of Harvard College
  • Shanks, Hershel
  • Wyzanski, Charles Edward (1906-….)
  • 清水, 望 (1924-)
  • 牧野, 力 (1909-1993)

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