Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall, 1932-2014

Biographical Details

  • First name: Stuart
  • Last name: Hall
  • Birth date: 1932
  • Death date: 2014
  • Creations: article, Computer file, Language material, Musical sound recording, Projected medium, text
  • Roles: Author, Contributor, Creator, Editor, Redactor, Writer Of Accompanying Material
  • Permalink: (Stable identifier)

Other names of Stuart Hall

  • Hall, S.
  • Hall, Stuart
  • Hall, Stuart MacPhail
  • Hall, Stuart McPhail
  • Stuart Hall (britischer Soziologe)
  • Stuart Hall (britisk-jamaikansk sosiolog)
  • Stuart Hall (Brits socioloog (1932-2014))
  • Stuart Hall (Jamaican cultural theorist based in Britain)
  • Στούαρτ Χολ
  • Стюарт Голл
  • Холл, Стюарт
  • استوارت هال
  • സ്റ്റുവർട്ട് ഹാൾ
  • スチュアート・ホール
  • ホール, スチュアート
  • 斯圖亞特·霍爾

People related with Stuart Hall

  • Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies Birmingham Affiliation (see also from)
  • Cervulle, Maxime
  • Du Gay, Paul
  • Evans, Jessica
  • Held, David
  • Jacques, Martin
  • Jefferson, Tony
  • McLennan, Gregor
  • Nixon, Sean (1966-)
  • Open University
  • Räthzel, Nora
  • University of Birmingham. Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies
  • Vericat, Isabel
  • Whannel, Paddy (1922-1980)
  • Willis, Paul E.
  • 宇波, 彰 (1933-)

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