John Doddridge

John Doddridge

John Doddridge, 1555-1628

Biographical Details

  • First name: John
  • Last name: Doddridge
  • Birth date: 1555
  • Death date: 1628
  • Creations: Language material, Text
  • Roles: Author
  • Other details: Author
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Other names of John Doddridge

  • D, I. (Sir)
  • D, Iohn Doddridge (Sir)
  • D, J.
  • Dodaridge, John
  • Dodaridge, John ((Judge))
  • Dodderidge, John
  • Dodderidge, John (Sir)
  • Doddridge, John
  • Doddridge, John (Sir)
  • Doderidge, Iohn (Sir)
  • Doderidge, J. (Sir)
  • Doderidge, John
  • Doderidge, John (Sir)
  • Dodridge, Iohn (Sir)
  • Dodridge, J. (Sir)
  • Dodridge, John (Sir)
  • I. D, Iohn Doddridge (Sir)
  • J.D
  • John Doddridge
  • John Doddridge (English lawyer who was appointed a Justice of the King’s Bench and also served as a Member of Parliament)

People related with John Doddridge

  • Bacon, Francis (1561-1626)
  • Bird, William (17th cent)
  • Blackwell, Henry
  • Curson, H.
  • Curson, Henry
  • Elsynge, Henry ca1577 (1636)
  • Noy, William (1577-1634)
  • T.H, gent (17th cent)
  • W. I, active (17th century)
  • Wentworth, Thomas (1568?-1628)
  • Wilson, George (d. 1816)

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Publications by John Doddridge

  • The grounds and maxims, and also an analysis of the English laws.: By William Noy, Esq. of Lincoln’s Inn: Attorney General, and of the Privy Council to King Charles the First. To which is annexed, A treatise of estates, by Sir John Doderidge, Knt. and Observations on a deed of feoffment, by T.H. gent. The sixth edition, with notes and references ; and other considerable additions and improvements, by Charles Barton, of the Inner Temple, Esq.
  • A treatise of the principal grounds and maximes of the lawes of this nation: very useful and commodious for all students and such others as desire the knowledg and understanding of the laws
  • The lawyers light.
  • The lavvyers light: or, A due direction for the study of the law: for methode. Choyce of bookes moderne. Selection of authours of more antiquitie. Application of either. Accommodation of diuers other vsefull requisits. All tending to the speedy and more easie attayning of the knowledge of the common law of this kingdome. With necessary cautions against certaine abuses or ouersights, aswell in the practitioner as student. Written by the reuerend and learned professor thereof, I.D. To which is annexed for the affinitie of the subiect, another treatise, called The vse of the law.
  • A treatise of the principal grounds and maxims of the laws of this nation. Very useful and commodious for all students, and such others as desire the knowledge and understanding of the laws. Written by that most excellent and learned expositor of the law, W. Noy, of Lincolns Inn, Esquire.
  • The English lavvyer: Describing a method for the managing of the lawes of this land. And expressing the best qualities requisite in the student practizer iudges and fathers of the same. Written by the reverend and learned Sir Iohn Doderidge Knight, one of the iustices of the Kings Bench, lately deceased.

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