Julius Goebel

Julius Goebel

Julius Goebel, 1892-1973

Biographical Details

Other names of Julius Goebel

  • Goebel, Julius,
  • Goebel, Julius (Jr)
  • Goebel, Julius L. (Jr)

People related with Julius Goebel

  • Columbia University
  • Commonwealth Fund. Legal Research Committee
  • Freund, Paul Abraham (1908-…)
  • Freund, Paul Abraham (1908-..)
  • Hamilton, Alexander (1757-1804)
  • Katz, Stanley Nider (1934-….)
  • Katz, Stanley Nider (1934-…)
  • Metford, J. C. J.
  • Naughton, T. Raymond (1908-)
  • Paulsen, Monrad G.
  • Smith, Joseph Henry (1913-)
  • United States. Permanent Committee for the Oliver Wendell Holmes Devise
  • Wadlington, Walter (1931-….)

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